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Next up on our list of essential brushes is the eyeshadow brush. There are number of different shadow brushes out there, so how do you know which ones to choose? Depending on your desired look, different shapes and sizes of eyeshadow tools will yield different effects on your eyes.

The two that are most important would have to be the fluffy brush for blending and the contour brush. But for more precision in your eyeshadow application, take a look at the various types of brushes and their intended use below:



Large, fluffy brushes with a rounded edge are great for larger areas of shadow that is applied between the crease and brow. These brushes are good for blending different colors and for highlighting the brow bone.

Contour­ brushes are the most important! Brushes with smaller and shorter bristles are perfect for smoothing out specific areas and contouring blended colors, especially around the corners of the eyes and on the eyelid themselves.

Flat, Straight-Edged brushes work great when you want to contain shadow to certain areas along the crease or edge of your eyelid. Like a paintbrush, the bristles are less fluffy and more compact which allows for better accuracy.

Flat, Angled brushes are for even greater precision around the edges of the lids, creases and corners. Since it has a tapered tip, angled brushes will help you apply detail to specific areas and can also be used for eyeliner application.

Which type of brush do you use to apply eyeshadow? Have you tried all of these?

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