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Since swimming and summer go hand-in-hand, today I’m sharing some tips on how to keep your hair soft and shiny after all that chlorine exposure :)

Chlorine is a key ingredient for killing the germs in our pools, but it can also be super drying and damaging to your locks (ever see the green tinge in some swimmers’ hair? Blame chlorine!).  Chlorine bonds to your hair follicles, stripping it of the natural oils that nourish and protect it.  So before you pack up your swimsuit and head to the pool, read up – these three tips will help keep your hair as healthy as possible between dips.

summer poolside hair care

Poolside Hair Care Guide

1.) Rinse off: You’ve probably heard that it’s important to rinse off after the pool, but did you know you should be rinsing off before the pool, too? Rinsing off beforehand is not only sanitary; it’s smart for your hair: your hair follicles will open up and absorb the clean water of your shower, leaving less “room” to soak up any drying, chlorinated pool water.

2.) Condition: Use a spray or cream-based leave-in conditioner before you hit the pool.  Look for the ingredient “dimethicone” – it creates a temporary barrier between your hair and the chlorine water. It also smoothes down your follicles, which leads to shinier, more manageable hair…double win!

3.) Clarify: After a day at the pool, make sure you immediately rinse off again so the chlorine doesn’t have a chance to settle into your hair and dry.  You can also use a clarifying shampoo or my DIY apple cider vinegar rinse to remove any build up and bring your hair back to its natural state.  Just don’t overdo it! Clarifying your hair too much will actually dry it out even more; I recommend a clarifying rinse every 2-3 pool trips.

*Quick tip: If you feel like your hair is drying out or looking especially frizzy, pamper it with a moisturizing hair mask or a DIY treatment like my Jojoba Hair Mask.

And there you have it – 3 simple steps to pretty poolside hair!


Do you have any poolside beauty tips or questions? Share them with me below!

<3 Mish

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