Hi everyone,

If a product has an amazing package or design, I’m usually intrigued to see what it’s all about. I can sometimes be a sucker for cool/unique product designs from certain brands and, depending on what it is, I’m willing to pay a little more for aesthetics.

But how much influence should design have on whether or not we buy a lipstick or blush palette? Some brands put a lot of time and money into making their products physically desirable. If something is wrapped in pretty packaging or has intricate art worked into the actual product, and it seems like the price tag immediately goes up.

Since amazing packaging usually comes at a more expensive price, I think we should first think about what’s inside a product before we buy. You should look for makeup products with ingredients that work well with your skin type, and colors that will give you the desired look you’re going for. If it comes in a cool bottle, tin or tube, then consider it a bonus!

So I’m curious; does product packaging and design have a big influence on your makeup purchases? Would you be more inclined to buy a product if it comes in a pretty palette or cool-looking tube?

What’s your favorite beauty product design or packaging?

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