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Hi everyone,

This Beauty School post is all about the flower of the moment: roses!

The color, scent, and vitamin properties of the rose make it ideal for use in beauty products and pampering routines. Roses’ beauty and utility has been well-known for centuries and centuries. In ancient times, alchemists used roses “for purgatives, astringents, and tonics, to treat chronic lung diseases,” and more.¹ Today, roses continue to be admired for their timeless beauty, fragrance, and symbolism.

Here is a breakdown of the anatomy of a rose and the many uses of its parts:

  • Rosebuds are particularly high in vitamin C and astringent tannins.
  • Rose extract is used in many fragrances, cosmetics, and skin conditioners.
  • Rose oil is common in perfumes, toilet waters and ointments.
  • Rose water is “used as a perfume in emollients, eye lotions, and freckle lotions.” Rose water is an amazing skin refresher and can help reduce signs of aging and wrinkles.
  • Rose hips are also used in many food products and are used medicinally to relieve colds and constipation.

The striking pigment of red roses makes it a great red lip and cheek stain as well. Have you ever used any of these popular “rosy” cosmetics?


1. Benetint by Benefit Cosmetics / 2. Diptyque Rose Candle / 3. Smith’s Rosebud Salve

One of my favorite things to do with roses is to create a soothing bath soak! Click here to learn how to make one – perfect for any of the roses you have left over at the end of the week. : )

What’s your favorite color rose?

<3 Mish

P.S. Will you be sending anyone roses this week? Do you know what all the different colors symbolize? Click here to read up on the traditional meanings behind each one.

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