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It might sound gross, but snail slime has actually become a popular ingredient in a variety of beauty products around the world.

Wait… what?

Apparently, the active ingredients found in snail extract have been known to slow premature aging by protecting the skin from harmful elements in the environment. Aside from allowing them to slither along surfaces, a snail’s slime is rich in glycolic acid and elastin, which also protects their bodies from bacteria, cuts, and other damaging factors. Creams and products containing snail leftovers are also marketed to smooth skin, treat acne and heal burns because proteins in this sticky substance remove dead cells and helps to restore skin.

Most of the slime hype has popped up in South America and South Korea, and can be found in a variety of products from BB creams to body butters. As with other beauty trends, I have a feeling this one will slowly make its way across waters, too.

Have you heard about this trend before? Would you ever use a beauty product made with snail extract?

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