Hi everyone,

The spotlight this week is on angled blush brushes. Angled brushes are basically the same as regular brushes, except that the hairs are angled so that you have sculpting ability.

The reason I love an angled brush is that it gives you more control in getting the right shape for your blush and is really good for contouring. You can’t really sculpt with a regular blush that’s usually flat or fluffy, and sculpting can dramatically change your appearance and face shape.

Brush hair length is also really important to consider. You want to look for one that has shorter hair; the longer the hair, the less control you have over the brush. Also, the color pigments tend to move more with longer-haired brushes. So really try to find one with hair that’s not too long and not too short, but just the right length. : )

For me, if I were to choose only one blush brush to ever use, I’d go with an angled one over all of the others. It’s just much more versatile.

What’s your blush brush look like? Do you contour with it?

<3 Mish

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