Beauty School: The Best False Lashes for Your Eye Shape

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If the eyes are the window to the soul, then your drapes (aka eyelashes) better show them off properly! Fluttery falsies are the perfect way to give your lashes a boost, but with all the different shapes and styles, it can be difficult to find the right pair.  Your guide? Your own unique eye shape. Everyone’s eye shape is different, which means certain false eyelashes are more flattering on some than others.  Here’s how to find your perfect pair:


Round Eyes: To accentuate your eye’s circular shape, try long, dramatic false eyelashes that fan upwards.  I would avoid lashes that are too thick – they can actually make your large eyes look smaller.



Almond Eyes: Most false lashes look beautiful on this eye shape – lucky ladies!  Try placing individual lashes on just the outer corners of your eyes to play up their cat-like shape, or opt for a pair of feathery, voluminous lashes that fan outwards.



Hooded eyes: Frame your eyes by selecting a pair of falsies that feature long and short strands, with the longest lashes right above your pupil.  Ladies with hooded lids can also play up their lower lashes  – place individual lashes in the outer bottom corner for a fresh, wide-eyed look or try brush-on lashes.



Mono lid: False eyelashes are a great option for girls who have mono lids (aka no crease) because they create one for you.  Monolids are very versatile, so feel free to experiment with different styles depending on the look you’re going for.  I love the fanned out look on model Liu Wen above.  (If you’re trying to even out your eyelids, make sure to try this method!)

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Do you ever wear false eyelashes? Which kinds are your favorites? Share with me below 

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