Hi everyone,

Have you guys heard of the jade roller? It looks like a paint roller, but it has a small piece of jade that you literally roll over your face. While jade is primarily considered an ornamental gemstone, it’s also believed to hold healing powers. The tool was used by the Ancient Chinese for smooth, youthful looking skin, and it’s made a bit of a comeback over the past few years. The jade roller is supposed to improve blood circulation and promote lymphatic drainage, reducing puffiness and eliminating toxins. It’s also been said to tighten the pores because the jade remains cold even when in direct contact with the skin.


To use the jade roller, you simply roll upwards and outwards on your face, neck, and eyes. You literally “lift” the wrinkles and impurities up and out of your skin!

What do you guys think of the jade roller? Have you heard of it or ever used it? Let me know in the comments section!

<3 Mish

Photo Source: Lhasa Oms, Kauai Five Element Acupuncture

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