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Although by now you probably all know that my preferred application tool for foundation or tinted moisturizer is the foundation brush, I know that some people still like to use makeup sponges. The advantage to these is that they’re quick and disposable, so they can useful when time is of the essence.


One differentiating factor between makeup sponges is that some use latex and others are latex-free. Interestingly, they don’t get the job done any differently. The non-latex sponges were created for people with latex allergies, so literally the only difference is that one kind has latex and the other doesn’t. If you have a latex allergy, don’t worry–you’re not sacrificing any sponge quality to take care of yourself.


When it comes to makeup sponges, what really makes a difference is the shape. So if you’re going to use sponges instead of a foundation brush, keep the shape in mind rather than the material. Choose your makeup sponge based on the kind of coverage you’re looking for.

Round and rectangular sponges are best for applying makeup on larger areas of skin, like the forehead and cheeks. Use wedge-shaped sponges for smaller areas or those that need contouring.

There are also egg-shaped sponges available too, such as the Beauty Blender or the Sonia Kashuk Blending Sponge, which are designed in a way that doesn’t leave visible streaks on your face. The benefit to these sponges, which can be used both dry and wet, is that it’s easier to blend the makeup into your skin. Use the pointy tip around the nose and mouth and the wider base on your chin, cheeks, and forehead.

What kind of makeup sponges do you use? Let me know in the comments section!

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