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Your brows are perhaps one of your most important features on your face. The right or wrong shape can really change the entire balance of your face. I like to think of brows as the window frames to our souls, so it’s important to make sure they are the right shape and nicely maintained.

Sometimes people get a bit overconfident when it comes to shaping their brows. Over-plucking is dangerous because some of the hairs in certain areas will not grow back or take a really long time to do so. However, there may be a solution to stubborn hairs and slow brow growth, and it comes from a very unexpected product.


Have you heard of Latisse or similar products that are used to thicken and grow your lashes? Our brows work a little differently than our lashes because we re-shape and change them with tools and tweezers or thread and wax. If we over-pluck or just want to have fuller, natural-looking brows (without using our brow pencils, of course) Latisse has been said to provide your window frames with exceptional results after a few weeks of treatment.

Just because Latisse says that it is intended for lashes, doesn’t mean that it won’t work for other trouble areas. I would almost rather use it on my brows than my lashes because I think it seems safer than putting it right on your actual eyes. But since this product isn’t necessarily intended for our brows and the FDA hasn’t approved it for this use, I recommend consulting your doctor before trying this out.

Do you need to grow your brows? Would you ever try this treatment?

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Ps. If you want help shaping your brows, click here for my brow tutorial.

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