Beauty Tip: Layering Liquid Liner

Hi everyone,
Now that fall is here again, it’s time to bring out browns, neutrals, and plums. I can’t wait to start wearing cozy outfits and pairing them with a smoky eye. I love the combination of comfort and glamour! Liquid eyeliner is a great tool in creating a strong, dark, smoky eye. But using liquid liner on its own can look harsh since it defines the eyes in such a graphic manner.
If you still want to get the strong definition, try using pencil eyeliner, cream eyeliner, or powder underneath the area where you plan to use the liquid liner. This will bring some warmth to the area. Then apply the liquid liner as you normally would, and your eyes will still look strong yet slightly subdued.
Do you have any tips for making liquid eyeliner look less harsh? Post them in the comments section!

<3 Mish

P.S. If you haven’t already, don’t forget to check out my new tutorial here.


  • leatherlover6

    I usually use gel eyeliner and layer the same color eyeshadow on top with a liner brush. Blending is optional, it looks good either way.


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