When it comes to looking for a new lipstick, the golden rule is this: Never judge a lipstick by its bullet!



Using the colored sticker on the bottom of a lipstick bullet to decide which colors you like or dislike is a big makeup shopping no-no. Not only do you risk buying a color that doesn’t actually work for you, but you could also be missing out on shades that might be beautiful for you!
The only way to tell just how a lipstick is going to work for you is to actually put the product on your skin. The interaction of the lipstick pigment and skin color will be slightly different for everyone. The plastic sticker located on the bottom of a lipstick tube simply isn’t an accurate indicator of how the color will appear on your mouth.

Have you ever made the mistake of only looking at the lipstick tube? Share your horror and success stories in the comments section!

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Photo Sources: Flickr / Mellow, Flickr / Ali Almond

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