New Tutorial: 3 Beauty Tips With a Spoon

Hi everyone,

If you thought spoons were just for eating ice cream, think again. Spoons are actually a pretty handy and versatile tool in your beauty toolbox. So head to the kitchen, grab a spoon and check out these three beauty tricks:


And don’t forget about this favorite, the mascara spoon trick:



All you do is place the spoon right under your eye so that the lower lashes rest on top of the spoon. Then take your mascara wand and swipe it across the lashes. Instead of getting product on the under eye area, it will just get all over the spoon.

Who knew you could de-puff your eyes, curl your lashes and apply perfect mascara all with a little help from a spoon!

Do you have any beauty tricks that use unexpected tools? Share them in the comments section!

<3 Mish


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