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A nail biting habit is pretty unsanitary and can actually be dangerous to your health. Think about it. Like our cell phones, our fingers come in contact with so many germs throughout the day, and because of all the surfaces we touch, bacteria can easily get trapped under your nails – manicured or not. If you have a nail biting habit, you’re exposing yourself hundreds of germs you’ve pick up throughout the day. >_<



Some nail biting products have been proven to effectively help you kick the habit because they include extracts that taste HORRIBLE, and will definitely teach you a lesson the next time you slip up. They also include beneficial ingredients that will strengthen and promote nail growth while protecting your tips from your teeth. Even just regular nail polish is enough to keep you from biting; that stuff tastes nasty!

On the bright side, nail biting will not cause long-term damage to your nails, so the sooner you break this habit, the sooner your nails will be on the road to a healthy recovery!

Are you a nail biter? What other beauty habits do you need to break?


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