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Hi everyone,

Are you the type of person that can’t live without your phone? I’m on mine a lot, which might be why my battery is always stuck at low! But in all seriousness, my smartphone has changed the way I interact with some of the most important people… you guys! Between Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, it’s amazing to see how technology can change the way we consume and share content.

Since I spend a lot of time on my phone, I love having a cute cover for it. Do you recognize the pink bunny ears? While I’m traveling, my phone fashion tends to be a bit more functional. That’s why I love the Mophie Juicepack case – it charges the phone while it’s on, so I’m able to Tweet, talk and text all day!

But smartphones aren’t the only way we connect these days, and things like computers, Kindles, iPads, and iPods need protection too. I really love my Built backpack because not only is it sleek-looking, but it also can carry two laptops and an iPad. Can you believe it? Functional fashion is definitely a great option if you’re on the road and can’t live without your gadgets.

What kinds of cases do your gadgets wear?

<3 Mish

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