Catch My Heart Video — Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Pics!


Hi everyone,

I can’t wait to hear what you think about my most recent video, Catch My Heart. This video was such a blast to create, and it was actually my first attempt at directing!

I wrote this story on a flight to NY, inspired by the idea of two lovers meeting because of their phones. I wanted to try something different from my normal makeup tutorials… so I hope you guys enjoy this love story meshed with a makeup tutorial!


As a bonus, for all my peeps, I uploaded a bunch of behind-the-scenes pics (like the one above!) that were snapped during the shoot. I put them all in an album on my profile called “Catch My Heart.”

*** Click HERE to see my photos now! ***

I’d love it if you’d tell me what you thought of the video and my photos in the comment section below!

<3 Mish


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