Crappy Facials: The Geisha Treatment



Hi everyone,

Sometimes it’s hard to believe the ingredients that can be found in beauty and skincare products. Snail slime is one thing, but I don’t think many of us are in a hurry to have a bird poop facial, am I right?

Known as “geisha facials”, or uguisu no fun, this new trendy treatment has actually been around for quite some time. It started in Japan because superstition held that if a bird pooped on you, you’d be blessed with good luck. (Weird how that became lucky, right?!) Geisha facials are literally made with nightingale feces, and even though it sounds really gross, the actual process of obtaining this special “ingredient” isn’t as terrible as you may think.

Japan has specific nightingale farms where they breed and raise birds and keep them on a very strict diet of organic seeds. They collect the poop from cages and sanitize it with special UV lights, then dry it out and grind it into a powder. Day spas offer this treatment for a pretty penny, but bird poop facials are said to help hydrate your skin and give it an iridescent shimmer for a brighter-looking complexion. Not too crappy… Ha!

Would you ever get a bird poop facial?

<3 Mish

Photo credits: Urban Gypsy Retail, Tumblr


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