It took me a while, but YouTube was able to help me pick winners for my CRAZY AWESOME GIVEAWAY! Thank goodness. With over 1 million comments, I was having difficulty loading any comments past page 100-2000. We used a randomizer to choose the 4 winners (which was done with the help of YouTube), I included 1 extra winner, because you all thumbs upped her beautiful comment :) If you didn’t win, no worries, I’ll be having another contest this month, even bigger prize than this give away for reaching 2 million subscribers. Love you all!

3rd place
my eyes! :)

2nd place
I’m always trying to find meaning in everything, that’s what makes me beautiful :)

1st place
My personality towards others:)<3
Btw thanks for the give away Michelle:*<3

Grand Prize Winner
I love my imagination, because it let me know more worlds that I can turn into books, new stories, I love that I can write my ideas easily and when I’m into another universe my eyes sparkle and I think that’s what I really love about me, everyone is unique by some reason and dreaming is mine =)

Bonus Winner
I saw she had hundreds of thumbs up on this comment, you guys are so awesome :) This is why you all inspire me, because every single one of you have such a beautiful heart. The Bonus Winner is:

My name is Maria i just beat CANCER and i think im beautiful without my wig (:

I wanted to let you all know that all the comments posted were so heartwarming and beautiful. Here is a screenshot of the top most commented words in this video. I believe that we are all winners because we are all beautiful. I’m so grateful to have such loving, creative, inspiring subscribers. Thank you so much for showing me different ways on finding beauty in others:


xoxo Mish

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