Everywhere I look, there’s one trend that’s all the rage right now: full, pouty lips. There’s always someone trying out the latest technique for achieving the plumped-up look, from clever lipliner application to peel-off tints to surgical injections and more. But for those who want something much bolder than daily lipstick maintenance though not as risky as going under the knife, there’s one procedure that’s getting more and more popular: permanent lip tattoos.

Just like traditional body ink, cosmetic tattooing has been around for years, especially for eyes and brows. The new method, however, is a little different from old, messy eyeliner and brow filler tattoos. Here’s how:


1. Pigment, not ink – 
Unlike the permanent ink on body tattoos, lip tattoos usually use a water-based pigment that’ll look more natural than opaque liner. Unfortunately, this means it’ll fade faster than body ink.

2. Enhancing Naturally – Most makeup artists will use a gradual shading technique that’s meant to blend color and enhance your natural lip shape. It won’t actually add fill or volume, but create an illusion of fullness through ink.

3. Maintenance Required  The treatment is said to last somewhere between 8-10 years, but since you eat, drink, and speak with your lips, it’ll fade after a while. So a touch-up is recommended every 3-5 years, depending on your skin tone.

4. A Pretty Penny – The initial procedure costs upwards of $1,000, with touch-ups costing $350 per session. It’s still potentially a better deal than a temporary lip filler, which lasts less than a year and costs around $800 per treatment, but if you’ve never undergone any major beauty or skin procedure, expect a bit of sticker shock.

5. Yeah, It Might Hurt – A tat is still a tat. Unfortunately, there’s no way around a tattoo without a needle. So if you’ve got a low pain tolerance, you might have to get local anesthetic too. That route could add another $100-$200 to the bill.

It’s less maintenance than perfecting your lipliner skills, and less invasive than filler injections. But keep in mind there’s no using makeup remover to take it off – that pout is permanent!

What do you think? Is getting a little ink done on your face worth it for a potentially fleeting trend?

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