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Unfortunately, this post isn’t about fashion trends for cats (but maybe we can put that on the back burner for a future blog ;).  No, this post is about cat-inspired fashion – meow! Who would have guessed that the day would come when these furry creatures stopped being associated with grandma’s cross stitching and started becoming fashion muses?  FAWN caught up with the fashion and beauty insiders at Glamour mag and asked them their thoughts on this furrrocious trend:

Love those looks! Here are some more cat-inspired fashion picks:



Like Julia Fry (the Associate Publisher of Glamour) said in the video, cat-inspired fashion can fun and stylish, but also a bit ironic. That’s why the key to flaunting feline frocks is to keep it somewhat subtle – you can never go wrong with classic black or white. And if you’re going to rock cat fashion, I would recommend sticking to one cat-inspired piece per outfit to avoid the risk of looking a little too cat-obsessed.  Lately, I’ve been adding a touch of feline fashion to my outfits with a cute cat-ear hat!



In the beauty world, cat-eye liner is a classic! My eyeliner tutorial will give you a good foundation to start experimenting with extending the line for a more classic cat-eye look.  If you’re feeling creative, feline nails are always fun – here are a couple cute cat manis I found on Pinterest:



 In your opinion, is cat-inspired fashion and beauty chic or childish?  Sound off in the comments!

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