Every once in awhile you stumble across a brand or designer that embodies everything you love about fashion and entrepreneurialism. Coco and Breezy is one of those brands for me. Started by 23 year old twin sisters Corinna and Brianna (known as, you guessed it, Coco and Breezy) 5 years ago, these ladies take avant garde fashion to a whole new place – one that’s edgy and eccentric, but definitely wearable.

Coco and Breezy

The core of their business is their statement sunglasses that have been worn by the likes of Prince, Lady Gaga and more. They recently expanded and launched a line of tribal-inspired tops and totes too. It’s not just their eclectic, urban pieces that make me love the brand. It’s Coco and Breezy’s work ethic, imagination, strength and overall attitudes towards doing something they love (this art poster of theirs says it all) that makes them amazing.

Coco and Breezy Coco and BreezyAmazonian Sunglasses / Mosi Sunglasses / Thema Sunglasses / Krill Sunglasses / Business Woman Tee / Double Face Sweatshirt / Tribal Flower Tee

Since they were teens, they were creating and dreaming up original fashion. They had a vision that was initially met with misunderstanding, but they kept working and didn’t let naysayers distract them from their goals. Now their boutique brand has appeared in major magazines and been embraced by the fashion world everywhere. They’re young, they’re female entrepreneurs and they’re dreamers.  They represent something that I try to encourage amongst my fans every day – no matter what, if you believe in yourself, stay true to your passion and give it your all, you’ll succeed.

Check out their casually cool pieces and follow their lead (and daily inspiration) by dreaming big!

Is there a designer or brand you love for more than just the style of their product? Lemme know below. 

<3 Mish



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