No matter if you’re in school or have a full-time job it’s likely you have a desk space to help you accomplish work. This space can vary drastically depending on your office environment or allotted room, but if you want to beat procrastination and become successful in your endeavors then your space needs to be inspiring. So how do you turn what can be a drab cubicle or bedroom desk into the optimal work space? As crazy as it sounds, it starts with how your space is decorated. Because the way your space is put together can affect your overall quality of work and more. From my time at L’Oreal to editing videos at home, I’ve found that a well organized desk makes me feel like a boss in more ways than one. Use your space wisely to excel in your career and school with these decorating tips.

Decorating Tips for Your Work Space

Declutter – Have you ever avoided homework and found yourself cleaning your entire room instead? Too much stuff lying around can distract, overwhelm and cause you to misplace valuable items. The best move: keep your workspace minimalistic. For me, the fewer things to take my focus away from my computer or drawing pad, the better. You can maximize your productivity if you only have the essentials on hand. That doesn’t mean you can’t have papers and a speaker system around, it just means only having items that fuel your work near by.

Show Personality – According to Nice Girls Don’t Get the Corner Office, you don’t want to turn your office desk into a reflection of your home. Too many plants or knick knacks don’t always show a seriousness in the workspace–especially more traditional settings–which can hinder coworkers or superiors perception of you. That said, I say let your personality shine. Sure you don’t want to get carried away, but it’s important to make your workplace your own–a place of inspiration, creativity and comfort. Whether it’s your favorite drawing, motivational quote or a diamond accent, add something that speaks to you.

Organize – Just because your place is sparse and you can now power through your reports, doesn’t mean that you need everything out of sight. Display some of your favorite books, keep various notebooks or Post-Its handy and use desktop dividers for documents and magazines. Many can be labeled and come in an array of styles and colors to match your personality. Keep things you use regularly (like artist pens) on top of your desk and readily available. No need to dig around for them in a disorganized drawer. Color coating your pens and pencils on your desk is a vibrant way to add flair and structure to your materials.

Brighten the Space - Sometimes the location of your workspace is out of your control. A cubicle in the corner. An office with few windows. It can seem like a lost cause expecting a bright work space, but you can impact the brightness and your overall happiness with one of these moves. 1) Make sure the walls around you are light. Think white, yellow, pops of color or pastels. This will make the space seem bigger and lighter. 2) Place your desk near a window. Long days in the office can reduce our time outside, which means less sunlight and a possible depletion of vitamin D. If you have any say in the position of your work space, try to soak up some rays and get a view and breeze from the outside world. 3) If you can’t do either, think about investing in a sunlight lamp. These little wonders will shed some light on your desk, lift your spirits and aid any plants breathing life into your space.

How do you like to optimize your workspace? 

<3 Mish

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