You read that right. When you hear the term digital perm you might think it’s a virtual perm–only appearing in The Sims or on your avatar in other favorite video games–but it’s actually a very real thing and an amazing way for many to get waves for days.

Digital perm

Popularized by the Japanese and Koreans (do they ever stop coming out with amazing beauty trends and tricks?), a digital perm is different from a traditional perm in that it uses a temperature regulating machine to set the hair. The perms of our youth used only perming solution and a little heat from one of those massive blowdryer chairs. A digital perm uses a crazy looking machine that attaches to and heats up each roller.

The biggest difference though is the result. While a traditional perm creates tight curls that are really prominent when your hair is wet, a digital perm shines when it’s dry. After the perm you’ll have big luxurious waves similar to barrel rolling your ends. If you’re sick of your straight locks and have fairly coarse hair, then a digital perm can provide you with beach waves and beyond. And let’s be real, summer is when we love those types of curls the most!

If you look online, some of the pictures of women attached to the machine look a little terrifying, but that shouldn’t be the deterrent. Like anything, it’s really about researching a trend before jumping in head first (no pun intended). Before you sign up at your local salon, it’s important to know that this type of perm is costly and can take hours to accomplish. And like any other treated hair maintenance routine, you need to be willing to give your hair a little extra love. We’re talking masks, some taming products, etc. This article by Cindy Xiong covers all the bases most people don’t think about.

Still all maintenance and cost aside, the long lasting perm (up to a year!) may just be the answer to all of your curly lock lusts.

What do you think? Would you give this a try or have you already?

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