Beauty sponges can help with anything from flawless foundation application to evenly distributing moisturizer but one thing these all have in common is that they need to be frequently and thoroughly cleaned. (Hence my update on the natural DIY brush cleaner!) Often this results in a wet sponge to lay out to dry. Storing it on the stand also keeps it cleaner and safer than throwing it in a bag or box. Good beauty sponges can be quite the splurge, why not keep them in tip-top shape?

DIY Beauty Sponge Drying Stand | Michelle Phan

Sponges usually come with directions on drying and storing, and Beautyblender even comes in a rounded package so you can set it up on display. But what if you have a different brand of sponge, lose your stand or simply want a more personalized accessory on your vanity? This wooden stand DIY is easy, durable and can be painted in colors to match your décor. Here’s how it’s done:

DIY Beauty Sponge Stand

ŸWooden squares – available at the craft store in pre-cut packs or on Amazon in strips that you can cut. If unfinished you’ll need sandpaper and/or a sealant. Make sure it’s not too wide that the sponge will fall through!
ŸWood glue such as Elmer’s
ŸPaint and sponge (for textured look above) or paintbrush

1. Cut wood pieces to size if necessary, and glue together in a triangle shape.
2. Let glue set for at least an hour.
3. Paint stand! Let sit for another 30 minutes or until dry. 

Make sure to always squeeze out excess water from sponge before propping up to dry.

Good luck! Do you have any DIY projects adorning your beauty counter?

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