There are billions of galaxies filling the universe with stars, gases and dark matter. Each displaying colors so awe-inspiring that you would think them unreal. But they are real, and they are an incredible place of inspiration. These nebulous worlds remind us of how vast the universe is (and how small we are in it), while the beautiful clouds of purples, blues and pinks floating in black help to conjure up galaxy-inspired fashion, home decor ideas and pastel beauty looks like the ones in my video below.

Like the universe–that’s always changing and moving–we’re able to shift as well in our interests. Beyond changing up our makeup, we can add new accents to our homes whenever we feel a need for newness. That’s why DIY projects are always so much fun, and why I want to share this oh-so-easy crystal galaxy canvas DIY.  Just a few supplies, a little creativity and you’ll have a piece to hang on your wall to liven up your space.

DIY Crystal Galaxy

What you need: a blank canvas of any size, sponges, and some acrylic paint.

How to:

  • Using tape, cut out a geometric shape as a stencil. We made crystals, but you can make any design you want. Just try to make your design fairly simple, because you want your lines to stay as sharp as possible.
  • Using scissors, cut your design. To make these simple crystals, cut the tape diagonally on each side and place the excess ends on the top in a cube-like shape. Make sure the edges of the tape are laying completely flat.
  • Next, start with your darkest paint shade to prevent bleeding and color transfer. Since the canvas is white, we covered the entire canvas with a dense layer using a sponge.
  • Begin with your colors. You can make each crystal a different color or layer your shades however you like.
  • Then using a fine brush, take some white paint and add paint splatter and star details. Make sure you keep blending to avoid splotches of paint. After this, you’re done! Just wait for your masterpiece to dry, and carefully peel off your tape.

Check out my other fun diy galaxy sweater tutorial for an out-of-this-wold way to spice up your basics. 

<3 Mish



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