DIY: Empty Candle Brush Holder

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Those last few moments when your favorite candle has reached its end, and you realize that not only do you have to buy a new candle, but you have to get rid of the beautiful jar is never a happy one. But luckily, there’s a way to recycle the old candle jars: turn them into makeup brush holders. Candles are the perfect size for holding brushes, tweezers, and eyelash curlers, and the jars will add a pretty decorative flair to any boudoir.


  1. Wait for the candle jar to cool down. Once there’s little to no wax left, use a pair of tweezers to remove the wick and discard it. If there’s still wax leftover, heat up the jar by placing it in a bowl of hot water to melt the wax.
  2. Wash out the candle jar with warm water and dish detergent. You’ll want to get all the soot off. Be careful if there’s a sticker on the exterior of the jar that you want to keep—avoid getting it wet, or it might fall off.
  3. Dry the jar, and arrange your items however you’d like. Et voila! Soak in the glory of your new and beautiful organization method.


Have you ever turned a candle jar into a makeup brush holder? Let me know in the comments section!

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Photo Source: Notting Hill Girl, Indulgy


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