Decorating your space is always fun. When you get to be inventive with different textures or add unique handmade features (like these DIY geometric accents) to a room, they can make your place more home-y and original (just like you). One way to achieve this is by taking the typical framed prints on your walls in a new direction. This easy DIY wall art uses fabric to create a framed wave of color that will brighten up your room. And I kind of LOVE how simple this tutorial is.

DIY: Fabric Wall Art Tutorial

1. Pull together your supplies. You’ll need a frame (this one was 16” x 20”), fabric glue (this Elmer’s Glue-All is bomb), scissors, and most importantly, a patterned piece of fabric (make sure to get one with a lot of color contrast).

2. Cut the fabric so it’s 40”. Then hold to your frame and make the width only wide enough so there is about 2” of exposed backdrop on each side. Clean up any uneven edges before getting to the glue.

Note: You can flip the paper that is included when you buy a frame over so that you can use the white side as the backdrop or matting for your creation.

3. Glue one end of the fabric to the paper about 2” from the bottom. Glue all the way across to keep the fabric in place.

4. Leave about 3” of the fabric flat on the backdrop, then start to fold the fabric to create little waves. Fold a piece in half and glue the corners down to the flat fabric below it. Make another small fold so 1/4” is exposed between folds and glue. Continue this process over and over until you have roughly 13 folds or 5 to 6” exposed on your backdrop. Press down on the fabric every couple of folds to ensure the glue sticks.

5. After you’ve made your last wave, glue the rest of the fabric closest to the fold, to the paper. This will hold your waves in place. Pull the remaining fabric straight (similar to the bottom of your wall art) and glue the length of the edge down.

6. Lay your glass frame over the folded, finished fabric. You do not want to lift the fabric and place upside down into the frame because the fabric can bunch up. Push behind the picture to secure the backing is in place before you pick up your finished piece.

DIY: Fabric Wall Art Tutorial

You’re done! A beautifully simple accent for your bedroom. The mismatched design creates an abstract work of art, while the fabric gives your space a little unexpected texture.

<3 Mish

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