DIY Fashion: Scotch Tape Flowers

Hey everyone, here! We’ve got a really simple and fun DIY fashion project you can create from some unexpected supplies. Don’t let your style get stuck in the dark! These Scotch Duct Tape flowers are really cute and extremely versailte. Here’s a step-by-step on how to make your own bright fashion accessories:


Step 1: Start with some simple supplies: your favorite Scotch Duct Tape color or pattern, some bobby pins & a pair of scissors.


Step 2: Cut 3 strips of your colored tape about 14in. long and one circle. Fold each strip in half leaving about 1/8 in. of the sticky tab visible (see arrow below).


Step 3: On 2 of the strips, cut every half-inch to make thicker slits (arrow 1). The last strip should be cut every quarter-inch to make thinner slits (arrow 2).


Step 4: Start sticking the half-inch pieces around the circle from step 1. Sticky side up!

Step 5: Keep sticking in a circle and finish with the quarter-inch strip. If you have extra tape, simply cut it off.

Step 6: Decorate the center with a pearl for some extra flare!


Step 7: Cut a strip of tape, feed it through the bobby pin, and stick it to the back of your flower. And you’re finished! Style and pin it to a blouse or shirt, or wear it in your hair!



Show us your DIY Scotch Duct Tape fashion. Upload photos and share them in the comments!


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