Thanksgiving Day may be a tradition to enjoy at home with your family, but the rest of November is Friendsgiving territory, and that can mean a ton of gatherings to celebrate autumn in all it’s glory. A successful party requires just a few essentials to make it a night to remember, and these are 5 Friendsgiving ideas that cover all your bases. Not that anyone needs a reason to eat good food and celebrate their crew!

Friendsgiving Idea

1. Decor - Big balloons and a DIY backdrop like the one at the A Beautiful Mess Friendsgiving party are must-haves if your gang loves to go all out with details. If you’re the hostess, why not see who can stop by early to help you pull off a few epic displays?

Fall cocktail idea

2. Cocktail or mocktail - A proper Friendsgiving celebration isn’t just about the food, it’s about the drink too. This apple pie Moscow mule recipe from The Cookie Rookie comes complete with a alcoholic version so everyone can enjoy. It’s the ideal blend of cozy and festive, and you can even set up your own DIY bar for guests to make their own.

Fig Tart Recipe

3. A healthier dessert - Yes, Thanksgiving is a day to appreciate everything from loved ones to glorious food, but not everyone wants to throw their health out the window during the holidays. Even if you still plan to stock the buffet table with pies of every flavor, an option like Apartment 34’s gluten free fig tart recipe will appeal to guests who aren’t up for indulging in pie (or have stricter dietary needs). Plus, Friendsgiving dessert is a great time to experiment with new recipes with friends there to taste test.

Friendsgiving Bunting

4. Activity - What’s essential for a day in with your closest friends? Some sort of activity of course. Since I already covered some girls night in – type of activities in one of my latest videos, I wanted to come up with a different option – a DIY photo booth! Craft or purchase a fun banner like this from Etsy shop Dazzle Delight Parties to hang against a blank wall. Surround with fall-themed decor, and there you have it: A perfect Friendsgiving activity for making memories with everyone who came to chill.

Leftover Pie Boxes from Studio DIY

5. Parting gifts - It’s basically required that guests leave any Thanksgiving gathering with a souvenir in the form of leftovers. Whipping out take-home boxes with cute pie labels like Studio DIY suggests lets everyone know you appreciated them spending time with you, and encourages them to take a few leftovers off your hands.

Okay, your turn. Are you hosting or attending a Friendsgiving this year?

<3 Mish


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