No matter how you cut it, we do quite a bit of damage to our hair when styling. We brush wet hair wrong, blow dry too hot, curl or flatten, and we color it often. In order to have gorgeous locks it takes nourishment and healthy hair care. One way to do this is by incorporating hair masks into our maintenance routines. But that’s not the only DIY trick to work magic on your mane.

Rosemary and Thyme Hair Rinse

Applying a rosemary and thyme rinse after you’ve shampooed your hair can increase shine, enhance color and more. Rosemary has been traditionally used in an array of natural remedies. Elements of the herb can help prevent hair loss and darken your strands for a richer hue or to mask grays. Rosemary also has antibacterial properties that can battle an itchy scalp. Combine this with thyme and the benefits are next level – thyme has been known to rid of dandruff and keep hair lustrous. So how do you apply to your hair? Glad you asked. 

DIY Rosemary & Thyme Rinse

  1. Combine 1 TBSP of dried rosemary or a few sprigs of fresh rosemary to a large glass.
  2. Add 1 TBSP of dried or fresh thyme.
  3. Boil 2 cups of water and pour into glass.
  4. Let the solution sit for up to 1 hour, steeping the herbs in the water to create the rinse.
  5. Then strain and apply to hair after shampooing. Do not rinse out. After multiple rinses you will start to see results.

Have you tried this rinse or another one using herbs? Share with me below! 

<3 Mish

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