Now that the weather is definitely chilly, staying in and cozying up the house is on mind. You can always create a dreamers oasis in your bedroom for an other worldly space, or you can turn your apartment into a boho-meets-Swed minimalistic haven. If the latter is more your style, then I’ve got the quickest tutorial EVER to warm up your walls–adding just the right amount of color and calm. Here’s how to DIY this simple yarn wall hanging.

DiY Yarn Hanging

1. Use a dowel rod to start. If too long, you can cut it down to size. Depending on the diameter you may be able to use scissors, otherwise you’ll need to carefully saw it to the desired length. Then use a small drill bit to create the holes that will hold the twine for hanging the piece.

2. Cut your yarn pieces to span about the length of your arm and chest. Then fold each piece in half.

3. Wrap the piece around the dowel rod and place the free ends through the loop. Pull tight.

4. Repeat this motion with all different colors of yarn. You can do as many pieces as you want to create varying thicknesses. Make sure to pull each one snug!

5. Place twine through each hole on the end of your dowel and knot them. Once hanging, use your scissors to cut the bottom into different shapes to give it more texture and style. You can do sharp lines or wavy rounded ones.

DIY Wall Hanging

Simple as that. I love the idea of hanging three of these together–each looking a bit different in cut and color.

<3 Mish


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