Eye Makeup Errors Be Gone

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Mastering the art of precision eyeliner application can be tricky. With so many ways to apply your eyeliner, it can take a LOT of practice to perfect them all. So, whether you’re still fine-tuning your straight line with a liquid liner technique or you’ve just sneezed post mascara application, it’s safe to say that at one time or another there will be a spot of misplaced eye makeup on your face.

Remove Eye makeup with lotion and q-tip

The dilemma begins when you don’t know how to quickly remove the rogue mascara along your bottom lash or the hiccup of liner on your lid. Instead of removing all of your makeup and starting new, or doing the unfortunate lick your finger or Q-tip and wipe it away with saliva move, try this trick on stubborn eye makeup:

Apply a small amount (smaller than a pea) of eye cream to the end of a Q-tip and gently rub it across the product you’re trying to remove. This trick works like a charm. It also prevents any products that aren’t intended for the delicate skin around your eye to come in contact with each other. You will moisturize your skin and instantly clean up the spot of imperfection.

Try this corrective move when wearing minimal makeup and when you’re in a pinch. If you’ve already applied dramatic eyeshadow and then wipe away your liner, it will create a noticeable gap that can be difficult to even out. Keeping face lotion on hand means you’ll always have a way to remedy small eye makeup discrepancies without any scrubbing or full face redos (though if you want to take it all off and don’t have remover on hand, lotion works as an overall remover as well).

Have you used this trick before?

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  1. sabrinalatte2 says:

    Why have I never thought of this? UGH! I would need a calculator to count all of the times that I had to get rid of all the eyeliner on my eye because I screwed up. Thank you! Brilliant!!!! muah!<3

  2. anytalime says:

    oMG! Thank you so much! <3 <3 <3

  3. SaveTheSnowLeopard says:

    Hi Michelle, can you pretty please make another back to school fashion/makup tutorial? I LOVED your first one, and I know summer just started, but I’m gonna be starting high school in September and I want to see a makeup tutorial and/or another fashion thing.
    <3 Thanksabunch! XD

  4. MargauxDiaz says:

    I apply eyeliner daily and I use eye make up remover to remove makeup and use cotton to remove the liner. http://alturl.com/shn3p

  5. ItsCassieUribe says:

    Yes :)

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