I love to experiment and try new things–especially when it comes to getting creative with eyeliner. One bold way to experiment with eyeliner and change the shape of the eye, is by drawing on a few fake lashes. You heard me right, drawing.

To begin, use waterproof black eyeliner to add three extra lashes to your upper eyelid, fanning them out from the outer corner of your eye (see photo above). Once you feel like you’ve got that technique down, try drawing extra lashes on your lower eyelid. Think, Twiggy! Her drawn on lashes were all the rage in the 60’s…


As you can see, this fun technique adds a lot of depth and flare to your lashes. For an even bolder look, try adding a strip of false lashes to your upper eyelid.

What you think of this look?

Photos: lotsandlotsofcolors.com 

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