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Nails Inc., a trendy and upscale nail brand based in the UK, has started offering a Crystal Pedicure in which real crystals are applied to each of the customer’s toenails. This has to be one of the fanciest pedicures I’ve ever seen. Take a look:


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A total of 500 Swarovski crystals are individually placed on all ten toes for this pavé effect. The pedicure is supposed to last for up to three weeks, but just don’t break a nail…the Crystal Pedicure costs £120.00, which is about 185 U.S. Dollars. Insane!!

To try this look out on a much more reasonable budget, pick out some pretty crystals from your local crafts and/or beauty store. Smaller crystals will give you a more glam and pavé effect. First, paint your nails in the shade of your choice (try and match it to the color of your crystals–in this case, it looks like the base color is a silvery shade). Then, while the top coat is still wet, apply the crystals individually using a set of tweezers. Nail glue also works, but a top coat will be gentler on your nails. You can also add an additional top coat when you’re done to set the design. If you decide to give this a try, PLEASE remember to clean and disinfect your tweezers before using them again!!

What do you think of the crystal pedicure? Would you try it out?

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Photo: WMag.com

If you live in the UK, you can find a list of stores that offer the crystal pedicure here.

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