This week, I’m sharing a few of my favorite health and beauty tips that I’ve learned over the years. My first tip is not only a great way to prevent wrinkles, it will also make you feel glamorous and add a touch of luxury to your bedroom! So what am I talking about? A satin pillowcase, of course. Unlike most cotton pillowcases, satin creates fewer compression wrinkles in your face while you sleep.

BONUS: Sleeping on satin can also be good for your hair! A satin pillowcase can help to prevent breakage, split-ends, maintain your hair’s moisture balance, and fight frizz.

Also, satin is less absorbent than cotton. Which means, a satin pillowcase absorbs less natural oils and moisture from the surface of your skin and less of your expensive night creams!

Be sure to get a pillowcase made with silk-based satin, as opposed to synthetic.

What’s your pillowcase made of? Do you have another great tip for preventing wrinkles? Let me know in the comment section below.


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