Hi everyone,

By now, I’m sure you’ve noticed my slight obsession with ramen. Okay… I love it! One of my favorite things about ramen is how many different ways there are to enjoy it… it’s crazy that you can create so many variations of a single dish simply by adding a few key ingredients. Different spices, veggies, and meats are all delicious ways to upgrade your ramen, so I thought I’d go over some of my favorites for today’s blog!

1. Eggs – Eggs are a really versatile ingredient when it comes to ramen. You can drop one in your noodles while they boil, beat an egg and add it to cooked ramen, or poach an egg to throw in at the end (my favorite!).

2. Veggies – Easy-to-cook veggies like spinach and peas wilt quickly and can be added as you pull your noodles off the stove. Broccoli and snap peas are a bit tougher and just need to boil for a few minutes before you stir them into your finished dish.

3. Meats – Thin meats will cook in seconds directly in the pot, and leftover chicken or steak can be tossed in without extra preparation!

4. Spices – Don’t get crazy with too many different flavors, but chili oil, curry paste and ponzu are simple additives that will spice things up a bit. :P

What’s one of your favorite dishes to make?

 <3 Mish

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