One thing I love about beauty is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to get results that keep your skin fresh and healthy. Sometimes amazing treatments can be found right in your own kitchen. Next time you go grocery shopping, there are few items you might want to add to your cart — and not just to make your next lunch with. We already know how great spices can be for your skin, now check out how these basic ingredients like fruits, vegetables, and grains can be combined into all-natural face masks or spot treatments.

skincare from food

Strawberry - This delicious red fruit is rich in so many nutrients, it’s a no-brainer when it comes to using it in a face mask. They’re bursting with antioxidants and vitamin C — which fight free radicals that steal oxygen away from your healthy cells and cause wrinkles. They’ve also got a mild lightening property that helps brighten up any blemish areas or acne scars.

Lemon - Like other citrus fruits, lemons benefit complexion, oily skin and anti-aging. These benefits come from the bleaching agent in vitamin C and the exfoliating effect of citric acid. Because the acid’s so potent, though, you won’t want to rub a lemon directly on your face. Instead, always dilute fresh-squeezed lemon juice with another mild ingredient, like honey or rose water. Or, try dabbing a few drops on with a q-tip before bed if you want to lighten up acne blemishes.

Avocado - Before you mix up some guac, save a little avocado for a face treatment. It’s rich in fatty oleic acids, like omega-9, which help moisturize your skin and help regenerate damaged skin cells. It’s also extremely high in free radical-fighting antioxidants and UVA/UVB-blocking Vitamin E.

Honey - Honey is a beloved healing product that has been used for centuries to cure ailments like eczema, acne, and even minor cuts and wounds. Be sure to use a raw and unfiltered honey — one that hasn’t gone through processing, which can remove the antioxidants and nutrients (Manuka honey is a great, all-natural option). Honey can be used in masks or applied directly to the skin as a face wash!

Brown sugar - While it’s not ideal to eat a lot of brown sugar, you can apply it liberally onto your skin. The natural texture of it makes for a great scrub that removes dead cells to purify and soften everything from your face to your arms and feet.

Oatmeal - If dry, red skin is your daily obstacle, try using oatmeal as a remedy. It’s long been used in baths and soaks to combat chicken pox in kids or allergic reactions to poison ivy. In a skin treatment, it helps prevent eczema and dry patches while gently exfoliating.

Coffee - Think about how caffeinated and energetic you can get if you drink coffee. Well, that same property – caffeine – and be applied to your skin as well. Finely ground coffee beans used in masks help decrease puffiness and brighten up your complexion quickly. The rough texture of the grounds will help exfoliate, too.

Yogurt - Yogurt is another multi-tasking food that’s filled with benefits for your skin, thanks to lactic acid. This acid actually dissolves dead skin cells, and when mixed with another food like coffee grounds or oatmeal, exfoliates your face to create a natural glow. Because it’s so moisturizing, it also helps fight acne, lines and creases, and even mild sunburns.

What other favorite foods do you use for your beauty routine?


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