We’ve told you about Violent Lips before; the rockin’ temporary lip tattoos that blow glosses and lipsticks right out of the water.

Now, just in time to impress for Halloween, you can really turn up the drama. After seasons of glittery nails and lids, Violent Lips puts the trend front and center on your lips with Glitteratti, the latest collection of temporary lip appliqués. Available in six statement making shades–Red, Pink, Gold, Silver, Blue & Crimson–each Glitteratti temporary lip tattoo offers sparkles that stay on your lips and out of your mouth, kiss after kiss.

Getting this highly desired glitter lips look used to mean piling on a ton of products and touch-ups were a pain. With the Gliteratti Collection, you can achieve the look with one simple application.

They’re available exclusively at Sephora and ViolentLips.com, and at only $14.95 for a set of three they’re the perfect sexy addition to any Halloween costume, or even just a night out on the town!

Violent Lips are also super easy to apply. All you need to remember is: shape it, peel it, set it, and wet it. They last up to 4 to 8 hours, and don’t freak, you can easily remove them with baby or mineral oil and a textured wipe.

Feeling like something a little less sparkly? No problem! With over 40 designs (and counting), you are free to choose from a variety of funky lips. There is something for everyone ranging from bold animal prints and raging rainbows, to sexy fishnet and glam sparkles.

Head on over to your local Sephora store now (or Watsons if you’re in Singapore) to check out all of the eye-catching lip tattoo designs for Halloween. And over at ViolentLips.com, you can stock up for the holiday and New Years Eve by taking advantage of their exclusive special of 15% off all orders $20 or more. Just use promo code HWEEN at the checkout.

You’re going to love the way Violent Lips transform your look.

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