The holidays are a time to show a little love to your closest friends and fam, but if we’re being honest, is there anyone more fun to shop for than your girl besties? You don’t have to secretly try to coax their wish list out of them, you already know everything they love. And it’s not the end of the world if you end up with two copies of each item, these products make such good gifts you might as well get one to match… It’s only practical.

Girl Friend Gift Guide

Topshop Pink Mushroom MugHeart Leather PurseMacrame Hanging Planter Kit, Paper & Clay Ring Cones, Nebula Galaxy iPhone Case, Pastel Pocket Notebook Set, Hot Stuff Thermal MugBirthstone Art PrintTisane Votive Candle

When it comes to gifts for your girl friends, something fun and thoughtful is a no brainer. You can go the personalized route with things like the birthstone art print (click here to view the different print for each month) or the DIY macrame planter kit or (other crafting kits from brit + co.) in order to handcraft your very own gift for her. Whether or not it’s personalized, it’s bound to be a hit if it’s something that your friend wouldn’t normally splurge on for herself, like an adorable coin purse or fancy candle. Whatever you do, make sure it’s something that will show your friends just how much you appreciate them having your back all year long.

Which would you get your friends?

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