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Hi everyone,

Last week I got to hear all your back to school questions – thank you to all my subbies for your responses! I loved reading about what you’d like to see here on before heading back to class this fall. I hope my first day of school outfits guide gave you some ideas for how to study in style – but that’s not all you asked about!

Read my advice below on some of your most common back to school questions…

Question #1:

How do I get clear skin before school starts…and keep it clear?

My Answer:

+ School can be stressful, and your skin can definitely reflect that! The first step is to try to relax – one way to do this is by having a little DIY spa day. When you’re happy, your skin is happy. If you’re fighting breakouts, try a DIY pumpkin facemask or a super simple ice facial a few days before school starts. If your skin is acne-prone, try this anti-acne mask, and if it’s on the oily side, see my tips on fighting oily skin to curb the sheen. But don’t forget about the basics… no matter what type of skin you have, make sure to always wash and moisturize daily! I also recommend cutting back on the products and letting your skin breathe.

My school has a strict uniform… how do I stand out?

My Answer:

+ Whether your school or your parents dictate your dress code, there are still ways you can express yourself. This doesn’t mean going overboard and getting in trouble, but finding the right clothes for your body type (a fitted uniform really makes a difference!), accessorizing (if allowed), and changing up your makeup routine can work wonders. Here are my tips on how to dress up your school dress code.  Some of you said that keeping makeup minimal is a must, so try a pretty, natural look like this one. Make sure you read my do’s and don’ts of back to school makeup too! Keeping your hair healthy is also important; a cute hairstyle can really set your appearance apart. My natural beauty and hair boards on Pinterest may help inspire you!

Question #3

Any tips on gaining confidence at school?

My Answer:

+ It doesn’t matter what school you go to – everyone gets first-day jitters!  It can be a challenge being confident on the outside when you feel like a bundle of nerves on the inside. One trick I use is to calm my nerves is to remind myself that almost everyone around me is probably feeling the exact same way.  It can be surprisingly comforting :)

In school, it’s easy to constantly compare yourself to those around you.  When you find yourself falling into this trap, grab a pen and write down five things you’re proud of yourself for achieving that day.  Keep these little notes in one place and pull them out when you need a confidence boost.  You can also jot down your favorite inspirational quotes and put them in your locker or on your notebooks – you never know when you’ll need a little pick-me-up.

Your friends play a big part in shaping who you become, so make sure you surround yourself with people who bring you up, not drag you down. And every once in awhile, go out of your comfort zone and try to talk to someone new. The exciting part about school is all the different types of people you encounter!  

Finally, instead of focusing on what others think of you, turn the focus inwards – what do you think of yourself? In the end, that’s all that really matters.  Empower yourself by staying true to who you are and following your passions. No dream is too big!! Wearing the latest trends can be a confidence boost, but make sure you are staying true to your own style as well – if you feel more beautiful in boyfriend jeans than a flouncy skirt, then rock your denim proudly.  Get used to being comfortable in your own skin – it’s the easiest way to look and feel your best.

Remember to check out my Quick Tips series for easy fixes for common everyday problems like static hair and scuffed shoes!

If have other questions on your mind, be sure to leave it in the comments below… I will try my best to answer them and make this the best school year yet!

<3 Mish

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