You know by now that I love to discover beauty products and skincare secrets beyond my personal borders. While traveling the world certainly is a dream many of us share, you don’t have to live or even have ever visited a culture to learn and benefit from another’s traditions and technology! If you haven’t already, check out my Korean beauty and European beauty posts for ideas, and see what I’ve expanded on below:

Global Beauty Products

Rose of Bulgaria Day Cream – From Bulgarian brand Biofresh Cosmetics comes a line of rose water based skincare products, the most popular of which is the day cream. It basically hydrates, tones and refreshes all at once.

Elicina Snail Cream – Snail slime is a bizarre skincare ingredient that you may have seen in Korean products, but this cream from Chile contains a whopping 80% snail secretion said to heal wounds and diminish wrinkles, sunspots and stretch marks.

Rituals Makeup – Based in Amsterdam, Rituals has skincare products across the board, but you can also snag some killer eye makeup and lip color too. You won’t find a ton of US retailers carrying their product, but you can order online or pick up select products at Barney’s.

Biofficina Toscana Face Scrub – This Italian facial scrub contains a red berry extract RubioX from the Tuscan hills and offers up a smoother, clearer complexion.

Cadiveu Hair Treatments – If you jumped on the Brazilian blowout train, you’ll be thrilled to hear about Brazilian brand Cadiveu (that thankfully has an American site for purchasing). Try the 4-step acai oil treatment to give locks a major refresh.

Hey Gorgeous Matcha & Manuka Face & Body Scrub – Featured recently in Allure magazine and only available in a handful of South African retailers and on their own website, this Matcha scrub is made with all the greats: manuka honey, jojoba and almond oils, plus essential oils. Hey Gorgeous offers a ton of scrubs, glosses, and even men’s products all in adorable, flirty packaging.

Omorovicza Deep Cleansing Mask – This Hungarian product known for its nutrient rich minerals recently started trending in the luxury beauty world, making it more accessible around the globe. Its claim to fame is moor mud, which draws out toxins.

Dikson Precious Argan Oil Cosmetic Spray – Italian brand Dikson is known for its oil-infused products, and this Argan oil spray livens and texturizes dull strands while offering heat protectant too. It’s tough to get your hands on this product in the US, so your best bet is to take to Amazon in hopes that the specific one you’re looking is listed.

Madara Organic Skincare Tinted Moisturizer – If you’re curious about Latvian skincare, look no further than all-natural Madara. The tinted moisturizer illuminates and freshens skin without the harsh ingredients.

Lucas’ Papaw Ointment – Basically an elevated lip balm as well as remedy for just about every topical ailment this tried and true ointment is derived from Australian papaw. Lucas’ has been around for 100+ years but unless you’ve come across it on Amazon, you might not be aware.

This only scratches the surface… Share your favorite products (and where to buy them!) and I’ll put them together in a follow up post!

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