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Every day brings something new and we rarely know what comes next. That’s why being a little adventurous and living to the fullest is a must. When it comes to your look, never steer away from an opportunity to be daring. Whether it means you’re wearing metallics on your eyes or adding a futuristic statement piece to your wardrobe, you’ll feel more alive when you take style and beauty risks. If you’re ready to step into the future watch my Robot Chic makeup tutorial below and see some of the behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot!

Robot Chic Michelle Phan

Robot Chic Michelle and Dom

Michelle and Dom

michelle and Dom Robot Chic
Photos by Josh Madson

If you’re not ready to wear this look, that’s ok. A little beauty intimidation means retail therapy may be your ticket to embracing a futuristic edge in a subtle and versatile way. For my favorite Robot Chic picks for wardrobe and beauty musts, head over to gilt.com and shop my curated looks!

You’ll enjoy 20% off your first purchase, and maybe pick up your new favorite metallic dress or futuristic crystal clutch.

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