Have you ever noticed how some of the trends you thought would be fleeting end up sticking around for years? Contouring is definitely one of them. All of those not-so-human looking contouring before photos seemed less than applicable to real life, but if you’ve read my last post on contouring, you know that there are plenty of powders and creams to help you get a more defined look without going way overboard. Still, the whole contouring routine isn’t for everyone – especially not those who want a lighter, brighter look.

Goodbye Contour Hello Strobing

The solution? Strobing. Strobing is a newer-than-contouring highlighter trick that’s everywhere right now because it’s basically half the work of the contour, without lacking the polished look. The difference between the two is actually pretty simple: strobing is the highlighting half of contouring only. No blending of dark and light or piling on various products. It, as you might imagine when only using highlighter, creates a brighter, more glowing look – think sunkissed and glowing, and even a little dewy. It’s one of those more au natural looks – the kind that appears effortless yet dimensional, and needless to say it’s perfect for spring!

You can pull off strobing with a variety of highlighters like Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector, MAC Prep+Prime Highlighter, or Benefit’s Watts Up. It’s also helpful (especially for novice users) to have a highlighter kit or trio like ModelCo’s trio or powder compacts with multiple shades. Highlighting is a whole world of makeup products, so this trend might just help you discover a few new faves.

Because highlighter is generally used to define certain areas of your face – you won’t be skimping on a flattering look by going sans-contour. Instead, you’re JUST focusing on those areas – cheekbones, brow bone, forehead etc). Easy enough, right? Just make sure to test out different products – the amount of shimmer and shine can vary greatly from product to product, and everyone has a different preference on the amount of “glow” they get with their look.

Don’t you love when makeup trends are actually easy to pull off?! What’s your take – pretty or too bright?

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