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If you’ve been in the mood to switch up your look for fall, why not consider the ultimate hair update – bangs?  When done right, bangs can totally change your entire look; just make sure you are getting the most flattering ones for your face shape! Not sure if you should get blunt, straight-across, wispy or sideswept?  First, determine your face shape with my guide, then read my tips below:

best bangs for your face shape

1.) Oval: Ladies with oval faces can pretty much pull off any bang style, so have fun with it! Go straight across, choppy, long, short – the options are endless.  If you’re someone who likes to switch up your look often, try clip-on bangs.

2.) Square: Add some softness to your face with wispy, eyebrow-grazing bangs that go across your entire forehead.  Avoid anything too blunt, thick or harsh which will make your look more severe.

3.) Round: Sideswept and choppy is the way to go if you have a round face.  Part your hair on the side and blow dry your bangs with a round brush for a pretty fringe.  If you’re daring, you can also try blunt bangs à la Zooey Deschanel – just make sure they aren’t too short!

4.) Heart: If you’re considering bangs and you have a heart-shaped face, try sideswept, swooping bangs – they’ll accentuate your lovely cheekbones :) Or part your  bangs in the center to frame your forehead and draw attention to your eyes.

5.) Oblong: Layered, sideswept bangs will create the illusion of softer angles for those of you ladies with rectangular faces.  If you decide to get bangs that go straight across your forehead, blow dry them with a round brush towards the left or the right to give them dimension.

6.) Diamond: Soft, wispy and layered bangs will create the perfect frame for those of you with diamond-shaped faces.  Put a tiny bit of styling cream and run lightly through your bangs to give them texture for a messy model-off-duty look.

Remember, this is just a guide – in the end, you should get whatever style makes you feel the most beautiful and accentuates your gorgeous features!  ^_^

Would you ever get bangs? What style is your favorite? Share with me in the comments!

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