My Barbie Zombie tutorial is finally here! Check out how you can transform yourself into a Prom Queen Barbie or a Zombie Barbie:

I think both of these are SO creepy! Whichever one you choose as your Halloween costume, the crucial accessory is the wig. What Barbie costume would be complete without the signature platinum blonde hair? You’ll want to make sure that the wig is snug and secure so that it stays on throughout the night. The last thing you want to do is spend Halloween adjusting your wig instead of enjoying yourself.

An antibacterial wig cap, which I wore in my tutorial, is a great tool for a few reasons. It protects your head from germs, and it will help keep your head cool once you put the wig on. If you have short or fine hair, a wig cap will provide extra material for you to pin your wig to. And if you have long hair and lots of it (like me!!) then it’ll keep all your hair pulled back and in one place.



Before you put your wig cap on, you’ll want to pull your hair back and off of your face. Be sure to pin down any fly aways or stray strands of hair so that they don’t peek out of the wig. Put the wig cap on like a swim cap, and then tuck any remaining stray hairs underneath. If you can, use two bobby pins to create an ââ�¬Ë�X’ formation, and pin the wig cap to your hair at the base of your neck and near your temples. Think of this step as the makeup primer of wig wearing.

Once you’ve placed the wig on your head, insert bobby pins in that same ââ�¬Ë�X’ shape, connecting the wig and the wig cap on the underside of the wig where there’s a small mesh area. Then pin the front and sides of the wig. Give your head a few shakes throughout this process to see where it feels loose. If you want, use hairpsray on the areas so that the bobby pins stick together. Don’t let a loose wig stop you from having fun and having the scariest costume of the evening!!

Have any of you ever worn wigs for a Halloween costume before? What other tips do you have for keeping it in place? Share them in the comments section!

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