An easy yet elegant Halloween costume for beauty-lovers and fashionistas alike is to dress up for a masquerade ball. All you need is a fabulous outfit and a mask. You can wear something as ornate or simple as you’d like, it all depends on your taste. And remember, it’s Halloween, so anything goes! Dare to be wild, so if you want to wear a bold dress with an equally bold mask, do it. Dressing up for a masquerade ball can take you in lots of different directions. A long dress will be instantly glamorous while a shorter dress or a flouncy skirt will create a playful look. Look through your closet to see what you have–that dress that you’ve been saving for the right occasion could be perfect to wear to a masquerade ball.

Masks are available at lots of places this time of year, ranging from party supply stores to specialty stores that sell fancy Venetian masks (think Carnivale). But you can also make your own if you buy a solid colored mask and decorate it with beads, sequins, glitter, and ribbon. It just depends how hands on you want to be with your Halloween costume. But remember that the makeup should draw attention to the eyes, so keep your makeup look in mind when looking for a mask.

Here are a few masquerade ensembles to inspire you in creating your costume:

1. Lace Bodice Prom Dress 2. Sequined Party Dress 3. Dress Lima 4. Chiffon Bandeau Dress 5. Little Mistress / Nina One Shoulder Dress
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1. Black Embellished Maxi Dress 2. Ethereal Pleat Maxi Dress 3. Vintage Embroidered Mesh Dress 4. Blue Cross Front Maxi Dress 5. VIP Heavily Embellished Shoulder Dress
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Have any of you ever dressed up for a masquerade ball for Halloween? Share your ideas and tips in the comments section!

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