Clay masks are classic skincare go-tos, probably because they can provide some pretty incredible results. They can rejuvenate skin, draw out impurities, and restore a healthy moisturized glow. But there are more options now than ever when it comes to picking the right clay mask. We all want to achieve the best possible glow for our individual skin types, so here’s the dirt on each type of clay and what it can do for your skin.

The Best Type of Clay Mask for Your Skin Type

Bentonite – One of the most popular clays in masks today, Bentonite is used in many acne treatments. Its ability to absorb excess sebum and sodium makes it a great option for oily skin types. When mixed with water, the composition changes making it swell and causing the molecules to become charged with more electricity. This causes toxins to lift out of pores and cling to the clay in magnet-like fashion, so it’s also an option for skin ailments such as eczema and psoriasis. As far as products? Anthony Deep Pore Cleansing Clay is chock full of both Bentonite + Kaolin clay (see below!). Plus, Bentonite is surprisingly useful in hair masks too, like Moroccanoil’s texture clay.

Kaolin – White Kaolin clay is the gentlest of the clays used in masks, so it’s an option for sensitive skin. Yellow Kaolin clay is more absorbent and a better exfoliant than white, but is still a great option for sensitive skin types. If your skin produces excess oil, you can opt for red or pink Kaolin as they are even more absorbent than the others and also detoxify and remove impurities. It can be a bit confusing and require purchasing the clays individually, but luckily plenty of masks on the market have gentle formulas. Try boscia’s Charcoal Pore Pudding to gently remove excess oil without irritating your skin. Murad’s Clarifying Mask also contains both Bentonite + Kaolin.

Umbrian – Originally found in the small idyllic town of Nocera Umbra, Italy, this charcoal-toned, ultra fine and mineral-rich clay works to give you a balanced and pure complexion that glows. Fresh has a whole line of umbrian clay products that work with normal, oily, combination, dry and even sensitive skin types. A three-in-one treatment, their purifying mask multitasks as a daily deep cleanser, instant purifying mask and spot treatment to reveal a more refined complexion. The clay works together with calming sandalwood oil and soothing chamomile flower and lavender water to restore balance and reduce swelling and any blemishes or skin irritation.

Rhassoul – Originating from Morocco, this clay works wonders for skin and hair. Like the other clays, it draws out impurities such as blackheads and excess sebum, but tends not to leave skin feeling dry. Mix with oatmeal for a face scrub or apply as a mask like in this Argan oil treatment. As great as it is for skin treatments, Rhassoul’s claim to fame is its ability to absorb buildup in hair, leaving it shiny and voluminous. It’s somewhat hard to come by in a hair mask, though there are some natural options.

Find more face options here and here.

Do you know the best clay for your skin? Speak up below!

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