Sure, every once in awhile we feel compelled to make a statement with our beauty look, whether that means trying a new product none of our friends dare to flaunt or opting for a color we don’t normally reach for. But most of the time? The majority of us, beauty gurus or not, stick with a signature look – the one that defines us and makes us feel confident. Not sure exactly what yours is? Follow the flowchart below to find out!

How to Find Your Signature Beauty Look - Michelle Phan

Low Maintenance – Low maintenance isn’t a dirty term. Maybe you’re busy. Maybe you like to play it au naturel. Or maybe your job or lifestyle just can’t justify regular makeovers and beauty overhauls. No matter the reason, barely-there makeup and quick routines are your go-to habits. No frills favorites include Make Up For Ever HD Blush, Benefit Lifting Mascara, a nude lipgloss, and a refreshing hairspray.

Classic – Classic beauties stick to trusted looks that are timeless and always flattering. You’ve mastered the classic red lip and love a good romantic, feminine look, such as a slick pony paired with soft flushed cheeks and a pop of color. If classic feels like more your thing, start the search for a good primer, a brow pencil you can count on—or even better, a defining wax—and of course, a sultry red lip color like NARS Audacious.

Trendsetter – Your friends head straight to you for beauty advice, you were using Pantone’s Colors of the Year before anyone knew what they were, and you know all about those indie brands too. You don’t just go for what’s popular, but will try anything once and aren’t afraid to put yourself out there. Try a lipstick that really makes a statement (NYX in Siren comes to mind), experiment with some temporary hair color, and try a nail polish shade that no one else you know has.

Bold – A trendsetter may try bold products when intrigued by the latest must-haves on the market, but the person with a bold style thrives off of these out of the ordinary looks. Brands like ColourPop and Jeffree Star appeal to you more than many of the typical online destinations for makeup. Sure, not every makeover you create will be practical enough for school or work, but that’s kinda the point! 

How would you describe your signature beauty style? There’s so much more than just these!

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