We all wish we could achieve a streak-free, golden tan every time we used sunless tanner. Unfortunately, the reality is sometimes a lot less pretty. If you’ve ever looked down after applying self tanner and been horrified to see streaks and blotches, this simple DIY is for you!



DIY Sunless Tanner Remover

1 lemon
¼ cup sugar
¼ cup baking soda

1.) Mix sugar and baking soda into small pan
2.) Cut lemon in half
3.) Dip the exposed side of the lemon into sugar and baking soda mixture
4.) Gently rub the mixture along any streaky and blotchy areas on the body, repeating as needed
5.) Say bye, bye to streaks!

Another method is to squeeze the lemon juice directly into the baking soda and sugar mixture and apply the exfoliating paste to streaky areas with your hands.

The lemon will lighten your self-tanner streaks and the sugar and baking soda will exfoliate – keep at it and you will notice the streaks getting lighter and lighter. Remember, the sooner you do this after you notice the mistake, the better!

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Have you ever made a self-tanner mistake? Share your stories and solutions with me in the comments!

<3 Mish

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