Whether or not you’ve had a chance to hit the beach yet, new seasons mean big changes for your skin. Summer can wreak havoc on skin—even if you lather yourself with sunblock and totally avoid the burn. There’s humidity, salt water, chlorine from pools—not to mention the stagnant air inside your home—to add to the list of factors that affect you. Bottom line: There IS a way to maintain healthy, glowing skin all summer long, but there’s a little prep work involved. 

4 habits to prepare your skin for summer

Exfoliate & Moisturize – You must do both! If you moisturize without exfoliating, you could be adding unnecessary lotions to dead skin instead of hydrating the layers beneath it. Exfoliate gently though, so skin cells can begin the renewal process without irritation. Afterward, moisturize regularly to prevent flaky skin.

Product Swaps – It’s no secret that you can’t always use the same makeup year round. Summer often calls for major changes in your routine, so be prepared:

  • Avoid soaps that strip skin of moisture. Instead, opt for a mild, emollient-rich cleanser like the sulfate-free Fresh Soy Face Cleanser, which removes makeup, cleanses, and tones without drying it out.
  • Find a primer that creates a barrier between your skin and makeup, and one that’s known to last all day. Try a makeup setting spray like MAC Fix+ that can be used before or after you apply makeup for a refreshing, dewy look without the melting effects of heat.
  • Swap a heavy foundation for tinted moisturizer, like em cosmetics the everything cc. Because the sheer formula corrects instead of covers, you won’t even miss your powder.

Easy on the Eyes – Skin is especially delicate around the eyes, so try to take a break from heavy eye makeup until your first summer event. Then go waterproof. Waterproof liner and mascara can really grip to your lids and lashes, so use a product that gently removes each when the night is over. If you notice your makeup drying out the skin around your eyes, try a hydrating mask once a week or DIY ice cucumber pads.

Find the Right Sun Care – If everyday sunscreen lotions cause your skin to break out, take the time to find the right sunblock for you. Find one that has SPF and other beautifying benefits, like Supergoop! Sun-Defying Sunscreen Oil, which is packed with SPF, antioxidants, and argan oil to protect skin while keeping it soft and glowing.

How do you prepare your skin for summer? Read my tips for combating oily summer skin here.

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